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Do I have to be a One Club member to enter?
We would love for you to become a member of The One Club before entering, but it is NOT required. If you are interested in becoming a member click here.

How do students enter The One Show?
The One Show is for professionals only, but we encourage students to enter the Young Ones College Competition.
Click here for more details.

How do I enter?
If you are new to The One Show, you can easily create an online account which will allow you to enter. If you already have an account from last year, just log in with your username and password to create your entries.

How much does it cost to enter? Is there a registration fee?
There is no registration fee to enter. However, there is a fee for each entry that you submit. To view the different categories and fees, scroll over "The One Show" tab in the top navigation or click here.
Note: All fees listed are in U.S. Dollars.

What is the deadline for entries?
The One Show utilizes a quarterly entry system, offering four separate submission periods. This gives entrants the opportunity to submit work while it is first to market and top of mind. To view the different quarter deadlines, click here.

How do I change my account information?
Follow these steps to change your account information like company name, contact information, etc:
  • Log into your account at
  • On the left navigation column, click the "Account Details" tab.
  • For security purposes, you may be asked to enter your login details again.
  • Update your account information as needed and click the "Submit" button.

Do I need to provide an English translation for my entries?
Yes. For entries in a language other than English, provide an English translation in the "Translation" section in Step 2 when creating your entry online.
Note: For video entries in a language other than English, provide English subtitles in the video.

Can I edit or add credits after I have submitted payment and completed my entries?
Yes. Here's how:   After you have logged in, click the "Completed Entries" tab on the left navigation column. There you will find a list of all your entries. Click the Entry ID# of the entry you would like to change the credits for and go to Step 3 of the entry process.

Note: You will not be able to change the client name. If you need to change the client for your entry, please email Be sure to include the Entry ID# in your email.

Can I upload videos or images after I have submitted payment and completed my entries?
No. The entry system will not let you submit payment and complete your entries unless you have uploaded the required files.

Where do I find my Executive Approval Form?  
After you submit your entries by completing the payment step, your Executive Approval Form will be automatically generated. The form can then be downloaded from the "Print Forms" section on your "Completed Entries" page.

How do I upload my signed Executive Approval Form?
Follow these steps to upload your signed Executive Approval Form:
  • Scan your signed Executive Approval Form, then make sure you are logged into your account.
  • On the left navigation column, click the "Invoices / Forms" tab.
  • Click the Invoice ID# that matches the one on your approval form.
  • Click the "Upload Signed Form" button, choose your form and click open.


Is my entry eligible to be entered?
It might be. Click here to see if your entry meets One Show guidelines.

My spot only ran once. Is it eligible?
Yes! Your spot is eligible but we require client contact information to verify your entry. You will be able to input this information when going through the entry process. The information will be kept confidential.

Are there any rules or regulations for submitting entries?
Yes. The One Club has enacted rules to take a harsher stance against fake ads. Click here to see these rules. Please remember that not complying with the procedures will result in your entries being disqualified from the competition.

How does The One Club define a fake ad?
The One Club defines "fake ads" as:   Ads created for nonexistent clients, ads made to run without a client's approval, and ads created expressly for award shows that are run once to meet the requirements of a tear sheet.

What are the penalties of entering a fake ad?

  • An agency, the regional office of an agency network, or the independent agency that enters an ad made for nonexistent clients, or made and run without a client's approval, will be banned from entering The One Show for 5 years.

  • The team credited on the fake ad will be banned from entering The One Show for 5 years.

  • An agency, the regional office of an agency network, or the independent agency that enters an ad that has run once, on late night television, or has only run because the agency produced a single ad and paid to run it themselves, will be banned from entering The One Show for 3 years.

    Note: The One Club reserves the right to review 'late-night, ran-once' and launch versions, at The One Club's discretion. If it is determined that the ad was created expressly for award show entry, the penalty will hold.


How can I pay for my entries?
We accept payments by all major credit cards, check or you can pay via wire transfer.
Note: All offline payments must reach The One Club within 14 business days of the invoice date.
For any payment questions, please contact

Who should the check be made out to?
Please make sure all checks are made payable to:  The One Club for Art and Copy

Do you accept payment in foreign currency?
No – all payments must be made in U.S. Dollars.

Why should I pay for my entries online?
It's the quickest way to get your entries ready to be processed.

Why won't my credit card go through?
The card number or expiration date may be invalid or there may be insufficient funds available on the card. Please check with your credit card provider and then resubmit your card information. If you have trouble with your card, you may also select the Offline Credit Card option.

How will I know if my online payment went through?
Once you click the "Pay Online" button, you will be taken to a "Thank you" page that includes an invoice for your submitted entries. An email confirmation will also be sent to the primary email address for your account. You may print this invoice for your records.

Note: If you do not see the "Thank you" page, please do NOT press the "Pay Online" button a second time – you may be charged twice for your entry. If you get an error message or have a problem with your payment, please contact

Can I delete my entries if I have already submitted payment?
No, you will NOT be able to delete your entries once you have submitted payment and completed them.

Please make sure your work is eligible before you submit payment.


The One Club works to reuse and recycle all packing materials, but that is not always possible with some of the materials we receive.

Reusable foam core, bubble wrap and packing peanuts are posted through online classifieds and are often picked up by local artists, advertising students and movers. Despite this, we are still left with a considerable amount of waste.

It is important to show restraint when packaging your entries, not just for our sake, but also for the Earth's.

Please consider the following when preparing your entries for shipment:

  • The most effective way to package your print entries is to lay them flat in between two pieces of thick foam core. Securely tape the foam core on all sides. Then wrap and tape your package securely in brown shipping paper. Don't forget to include your itemized list and payment forms inside your package.

  • Do NOT ship any tapes, CDs or DVDs with your entries. They will not be used. All files must be uploaded online.

  • There is no need to individually package each entry. Although we appreciate meticulously packaged entries, do not go overboard and individually wrap each piece. Separating pieces by media is fine, but there is no need to package each print in its own envelope.

  • Be conscious of excessive bubble wrap. It is not necessary to put your entries into an envelope and then wrap that envelope in bubble wrap. More often than not, the entries with the most bubble wrap still arrive bent.

  • Remember that it is necessary to send the correct amount of pieces. If the same print or physical piece is in two categories, you must send two separate copies. The One Club staff will not move entries from a category to fill incomplete campaigns.


What is the Entry Showcase? Is it required?
The Entry Showcase is a way for entrants to highlight and promote their work online. Sharing your work in the showcase is not required.

Will my entries be judged from the Entry Showcase?
No. Your entries will NOT be judged from the Entry Showcase.

Why isn't my entry appearing in the Entry Showcase?
Your entry may not be appearing in the entry showcase for one of the following reasons:

  • Only entries marked as paid will appear in the showcase. If you have selected Offline Payment, your entry will not appear until we have received and processed your payment.

  • During Step 5 of the entry process, you must select "Yes" under the prompt that reads "Publish this entry in the Entry Showcase?" and then select the "Next" button at the bottom of the page. You can edit your finished entries by logging in and selecting "Completed Entries" from the left side navigation.

How can I change my thumbnail/images that appear in the Entry Showcase?
To change your images, log into your account and click the "Completed Entries" tab on the left navigation column. Then click the "Media Required" icons on the entry you want to change. You will be directed to Step 4 of the entry process where you can replace your images and thumbnail. You will need to go to Step 5 in order to change your showcase URL.

Note: In order to change the images in a category where digital images are used for judging, you will need to email Be sure to include the Entry ID# in your email.


Why is my file name in grey and not allowing me to select it?
The uploader only accepts files in two formats: Quicktime MOV / MP4 (encoded with H.264 codec) and MP3. If your file is in another format, you must convert it to one of these formats in order to upload it.

Why do I keep getting "file too large" errors?
The maximum file size that the uploader will accept is 200MB. Anything larger will need to be re-encoded following the specifications listed on the Submission Media Requirements page.

I am selecting my files and see them appearing in my queue but the progress bar stays on 0%.
Why is this?

Check with your IT department to see if they are blocking FTP or HTTP uploads. Once you are logged into your account, you can also visit this page to try the Simple Uploader or FTP options.

For more information about uploads, see the Upload Media Help page.